Upgrade your store with complete PWA solutions
Following trends is crucial in e-сommerce as it can give you a significant advantage upon those who are not in the stream yet.

Being the early birds ourselves, we are glad to help you become one of the pioneers bringing the shopping experience to a completely new level.

What are PWAs
and how do they work?

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) are web applications that have been designed to create an experience that feels like a native mobile app, but with extra bonuses.

They 'inherited' all the best features of native apps, like mobile-optimized UX and UI, high performance and even the ability to work offline. Furthermore, they weigh lighter than the natives and they are easier to be googled.
The recent research by 99 Firms shows that 49% of website traffic usually comes from mobile devices.
Poor mobile UX makes customers leave just in a few seconds, and then they're 62% less likely to purchase from that store.
PWA complete solutions by Amasty
Upgrade store with the pre-made Magento PWA
to enhance shopping experience
of your customers and boost revenue.
The add-ons are ready-to-use solutions
for the Magento 2 PWA Studio storefront, supporting features of the original extensions.
Powerful combo
For the correct work of the add-on the original extension and a PWA theme must be installed.
Learn more in our PWA installation User Guide.
The extension boosts conversions by attracting more attention to your products with the stylish product labels.

The add-on maximizes the efficiency of promo labels on all screen types and offers a smooth mobile experience for your users.
The extension helps to boost the average check by using the smart algorithm for offering related products and bundles.

The Magento 2 PWA extension (add-on) helps to retain mobile users and makes them continue browsing your store thanks to mobile optimization.
The Blog Pro M2 is a good choice for the secret sauce of your content marketing strategy, it makes creating and publishing new blog posts much easier on Magento.

The add-on provides a smooth experience of reading your blog posts on the smartphones.
Why PWAs are so amazing
Responsive design
The new approach offers a much faster response time than an average e-commerce website provides.
To provide enhanced security, PWA websites use HTTPS connections. PWA are made with open web technologies.
PWA websites are faster than average sites since they streamline a variety of performance optimization strategies.
Cross-browser compatibility
Support for all modern browsers is a must for an average Magento 2
PWA website.
Offline mode
Сustomers can generate content and save it even when there is no internet connection.
The default installation is replaced by the ability to add an icon to the homescreen.
Haven't found the extension you were looking for?
We're so excited about PWA changing the world we can't stop on just two-three solutions for your store improvement.

Here on the left you can pick up Magento 2 PWA-ready extensions you want us to convert into the complete PWA solutions next.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
Which of these PWA-ready extensions would you like to see as complete Magento 2 PWA solutions?
Ask us a question
or request customization
As it's a new trend, we understand that you may have lots of questions on how the solutions work and how to use them
with the maximum benefit for your store.
Besides, we're open for PWA customization requests, just let us know.
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