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Coming through the hard times together
Amasty Anti-Crisis Program
Anti-Crisis Program's Mission
Adapt to new market challenges
with powerful anti-crisis packs
The pandemic strikes all over the world without pity bringing complex challenges for many businesses. Store owners experience lots of delivery, stock and promotion difficulties, and work hard to adapt to quickly changing market situation.

Your success remains our main priority. That's why Amasty created a line of anti-crisis solutions to support every business in tough times. Our ready-made packs are aimed to help store owners save their revenue and thus, overcome the pandemic impact.

Check out the benefits you get along with the packs:
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6 months of free support
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90-day money back
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15% off
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Boost your business with Anti-Crisis Program

The extensions are tested by Magento
For our extensions to be uploaded to the Magento marketplace, they have to be verified by the Magento developers and pass through
lots of the tests, comply with coding standards,
compatibility and security requirements.
Ready-made packs for your full comfort
No extra efforts required for the implementation: get your pack installed by professionals,
solve crisis problems quickly. Together with the free install, we provide 6 months of free support and 90 days of the money-back guarantee.
Individual approach based on needs
Your store is unique, so are the challenges. Drop us a line, and we'll schedule a personal consultation to provide you with the offering able to solve
your unique challenge.
Get personalized offering for your business →
Learn more about our anti-crisis packs
We've prepared these powerful one-stop solutions
to help you adapt to current market challenges.
Try them to save the revenue and overcome the pandemic impact:
This selection of extensions deals with the core challenges the new online stores usually face:

- Helping customers easily find products at your store;
- Motivating people to buy and spend more;
- Placing your store higher in Google search;
- Helping to make more customers reach and complete the checkout.
⭐ FREE installation service
⭐ FREE 6 months of support

As many stores struggle to overcome the pandemic impact, Amasty developed a full-set solution that covers every aspect of COVID-19 demands. This pack can help you:

- keep steady sales with Out of Stock Notification;
- inform users on special conditions with Product Labels;
- offer no-contact delivery in one click;
- manage delivery availability based on your situation.
⭐ FREE installation service
⭐ FREE 6 months of support

Pandemic. Lockdown. Crisis... Now there's no time to wait for new deliveries. E-store should sell products which they have in stock. Don't lose customers even if your stock is low or empty.

With this pack, you'll be able to:
- offer gift vouchers to get stable cash flow even during COVID-19 lockdown;
- catch shoppers with "No-Contact Delivery" statuses;
- quickly notify users when popular products get back to stock.
⭐ FREE installation service
⭐ FREE 6 months of support

Under limited budgets, it's time to recalculate the advertising expenses. Spread a word about your business in social networks and on online shopping platforms without spending a cent. This pack will help you:

- sell products on Amazon, Google Shopping, eBay, Facebook, and other CSEs;
- hype current promos among the newsletter subscribers;
- attract Instagrammers to products you sell and motivate shoppers to buy with user-generated content.
⭐ FREE installation service
⭐ FREE 6 months of support

Make more people complete the checkout and come back to your store again and again. This pack can help your store increase the revenue and thus, survive the crisis:

- prevent users from abandoning the shopping cart with the faster store loading;
- motivate customers to buy more than they've planned;
- easily trigger users to come back to your store and buy again.
⭐ FREE installation service
⭐ FREE 6 months of support

There are 4 extensions in our Magento 2 page load speed pack. They help store pages load faster on both desktops and mobile devices. This way nothing will distract users from exploring your store and purchasing goods.

- preload important pages for users;
- help visitors quickly find goods in search;
- make mobile pages load faster.
⭐ FREE installation service
⭐ FREE 6 months of support

We are ready to help you transform your challenges into opportunities for growth. Usually, we offer ready-made bundles to cover common business needs. But now you can pick any 5+ extensions that meet your personal requirements and buy them at a discount.
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Coming through the hard times together
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