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How does the Amasty fortnight promos work?
How can I benefit from the Amasty fortnight promos?
This fortnight special offer is designed to simplify your catalog management experience, optimize products presentation, and offers on product pages.
How does it work?
- To claim the Fortnight discount on any product from the 'Catalog Management' category, you need to have at least one other product from any other category in your order

- Fill the form to request a 25% discount for one or multiple products from the 'Catalog Management' category

- Leave a comment regarding the list of product(s)

- Receive a coupon code via email from our sales manager

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*This discount will be valid only for the "Navigation and Search" category products. Bonus store credits are unavailable for this offer.
Top products of this Fortnight
Minimize time spent on catalog processing
Get special attention of your shoppers and multiply revenue
200% ROI increase by providing more personalized offers
You are 276.74 times more likely to climb Mt. Everest than click on a banner ad. Use a merchandising tool instead! (UX Association, 2020).
Visual Merchandiser M2
Customer Group Catalog M2
70% of brands that rely on advanced personalization earned 200% ROI and more from their efforts
(KO Marketing, 2020).
Cross-border e-commerce sales grew worldwide over 20% in 2020 (Forbes, 2020). Invest your time in more important business activities rather than struggling with catalog management operations.

Extended Product Grid with Editor M2
More products from this category
  • Product Feed - easily generate product feeds with ready-to-use templates;
  • RMA - automate product returns management and bring your customer service to a new level with our adaptable Magento 2 RMA extension;
  • Request a Quote - easily interact with customers regarding new best prices for products;
  • Pre Order - allow buyers to pre-order or backorder Magento 2 out-of-stock or coming-soon products;
  • Hide Price - hide product prices and "Add to Cart" button for specific products or whole categories;
  • Color Swatches Pro - enrich your product catalog with a bunch of features aimed to enhance UX and boost sales;
  • Product Attachments - provide shoppers with accurate manuals, licenses, warranties, and other info;
  • Improved Sorting - let your potential clients browse catalog or categories by any comfortable parameters;
  • Shop by Brand - let shoppers filter products by trademarks to speed up reaching the goods they are looking for;
  • Infinite Scroll - engage shoppers to browse your catalog by loading products infinitely without redirecting to another page;
  • Multiple Wishlist - get more sales from customers by letting them plan purchases in advance;
  • Product Options Templates - boost revenue by offering buyers extra products and services;
  • Mass Product Actions - apply bulk actions to multiple items and tweak the actions menu to display only required actions;
  • Custom Stock Status - provide precise information about stock availability of particular products using custom stock statuses;
  • Advanced MSI - optimize your stock management and reduce delivery costs;
  • Multi Warehouse Inventory - effectively manage the split inventory among multiple warehouses and manage stock right from the product grid;
  • Automatic Categories - run condition-based sales and seasonal campaigns, tailoring particular product listings for your purposes;
  • Duplicate Categories - save your time on store management and duplicate categories in seconds;
  • Advanced Permissions - let admin users see and edit only particular products, categories, store views, and websites;
  • Import Products - automate stock and price updates from local sources or third-party vendors;
  • Export Products - transfer product data to third-party systems or other Magento instances without coding;
  • Import and Export - get the all-in-one tool that provides infrastructure for importing and exporting the most essential entities;
  • URL Rewrites Regenerator - make your newly uploaded products ready for search engines;
  • Google Account Login - instantly access your store backend without remembering complex passwords;
  • Configurable Products in Bundles - create bundles with configurable products to increase average check;
  • Marketplace Platinum - offer products and services from different sellers on your site and increase revenue;
  • Advanced Product Options Suite - gain extra sales of related products and provide excellent customer service.
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