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We are ready to help you transform your challenges into opportunities for growth. Usually, we offer ready-made bundles to cover common business needs. But now you can pick any 5+ extensions that meet your personal requirements and buy them with profitable benefits.
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Free 6-month support
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Support in Slack
Free 6-month priority support
Free installation
60-day money back
Support in Slack
Free 6-month support
Free installation
60-day money back
Deferred Support Start Date
*no store credits added
*no store credits added
*no store credits added
Deferred Support Start Date
It's ample time to install the extension, check if the store works properly with it and fix possible glitches.
$99 free 6-month priority support
We'll assign a higher priority to all your support requests by moving them to the top of the ticket waiting list.
We will install the pack for you & check if everything works smoothly .
Benefits Information
Free installation
60-day money back
Drop a ticket to our support service within 60 days after the purchase. We will refund the money. Attention! You can return only the entire package.
$79 free 6-month support
If you have an urgent question you can use Amasty's Slack workspace. Thanks to direct communication with the support team via the Slack chat, you'll get answers faster than via a support ticket.
Support in Slack
Your support period will start not right after the purchase, but after we complete the installation for you. This way, you can use the entire support period when you really need it.
Deferred Support Start Date
Have questions? Book a 30-min live demo
We offer you an online meeting at any time convenient for you in case:
    – you have questions about any extensions,
    – just want to see how a module works,
    – seek advice from a dedicated e-commerce expert
    Yuliya Simakovich
    Business Development Manager at Amasty
    Create your own pack and get a discount
    We currently use six Amasty extensions on our website. They have become an integral part of our day-to-day operations so that it's hard to imagine how we would function without them.

    The most useful from the backend are the Order Status and Mass Product Actions extensions, which are used daily and save our customer service team countless hours reducing the number of actions they should perform to complete tasks.

    As for the frontend group, the Improved Layered Navigation has completely transformed our site's user experience providing customers with simple categories logic, intuitive menus, and SEO-friendly data.
    I have bought 15+ extensions from Amasty. All of them are easy to install, and add rich functionality.

    I particularly love special promotions pro, product labels, promo banners, improved sorting, order export. We depend on these heavily to run our store smoothly!
    We use over 10 Amasty extensions on our website and it's hard to choose only one. Amasty extensions makes Magento more flexible and give us more opportunities to increase the traffic and conversion rate.
    Viktor Kovachev,
    Project Manager at
    founder at AK Ent
    Martin Doellinger,
    Marketer at Softstar Shoes
    What buyers say about the program...
    Our ready-made Starter Pack at a 15% discount
    We've noticed that people often buy certain extensions together and gathered them in Starter Pack. These Magento 5+ extensions pack costs 15% less than the included mods separately.
    Five essential extensions for a just-opened online-store.
    Five essential extensions for a just-opened online-store.
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