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Starter Pack for Magento 2

— lets customers quickly find products at your store;
— makes more people complete the checkout;
— additionally motivates people to buy and spend more;
— places your store higher in Google search.
Helps customers easily find products at your store
The pack helps customers find a desired good and make orders at your store.

For example, a customer is looking for a red L-size cotton T-shirt from $ 20 to $ 150. They can narrow the search down in seconds to such T-shirts only. No need to explore all the T-shirts at the store.

It's important, as 73% of visitors will abandon a store in 2 minutes if they don't find desired products.
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Makes more people complete
the checkout
The pack transforms numerous checkout pages into one. It's easier for customers to fill in one checkout page. That's why more of them reach the final step of the checkout and buy at your store.

It's important, as 26% of buyers abandon the cart during checkout because of a too long/complicated checkout process.
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Motivates people to buy
and spend more
With the pack, you can create any possible promotion without coding. From easy "get each third pair of headphones for free" to complicated "buy smartphone A with case B and headphones C and save $ 100".

Thus, you can apply a whole new promotion each week and motivate customers to buy again and again.

It's important, as stores lose up to 50% of buyers without giving them any promotions.
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Places your store higher
in Google search
The pack helps your store stand out in Google Search. To make this the extension facilitates SEO activities: creates meta tags, adds rich snippets, redirects broken links to the right ones, automates cross-linking and configures unique product URLs.

It's important, as users will open your store first, not the competitors' ones.
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Helps to make customers
reach the checkout
The pack helps not to lose customers because of slow store loading. The core is AJAX technology which helps to add products to cart with no reloads. This way the store will save the revenue during the crisis.

When customers add products to the cart in the default Magento, the page reloads. If the internet connection is slow, it's almost unbearable to wait until each reload ends. Some customers lose their temper and close the store tab.

With the extension, a special pop-up opens where customers configure attributes. No reloads, everything works smoothly.

It's important, as 20% of customers slip away to other sites because "Shopping process was taking too long".
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Have questions? Book a 30-min live demo
We offer you an online meeting at any time convenient for you in case:
    – you have questions about specific settings,
    – just want to see how the module works,
    – seek advice on the configurations from a dedicated support manager.
    Yuliya Simakovich
    Business Development Manager at Amasty
    What customers say
    • We noticed an increase in pages/session. As well as an increase in number of purchases in categories that use layered navigation.
      Roderick Khan about Improved Layered Navigation M2
      CEO at Orbit Micro
    • One Step Checkout reduces furthermore any possible indecision of the user regarding the purchase decision. Used with Abandoned Cart Email, One Step Checkout helps improve purchases conversion rates.
      Davide Consonni about One Step Checkout M2
      CEO at Advanced Logic
    • The One Step Checkout module makes things so easy for customers to check out with their orders. Night and day difference between this and the standard checkout.

      The conversion rate on orders definitely increased with the implementation of the One Step Checkout and other Amasty modules.
      Tal Hassid about One Step Checkout M2
      Owner of ETO Doors
    • We've been using the extension for about 6 months. Developers are happy with it. Most of all we like its ability to simplify details on a often complicated Magento platform.

      Highly recommend this extension to any Magento website owner. It's simple and easy to use and helps with ranking.

      Emily about SEO Toolkit M2
      Marketing Manager at SNB Inglewood
    60-day money back
    The extension is tested by Magento
    If the extension doesn't work properly on your store and we can't fix it — drop a ticket to our support service within 60 days after the purchase. We will refund the money.
    All our extensions are placed on the Magento marketplace. Magento developers automatically and manually check each our extension for plagiarism, meeting coding standards, compatibility and security.
    We will install the pack for you, check if everything works smoothly and fix all possible issues. Use FREEINSTALL coupon code at the checkout.
    Additions to the pack
    We've added some perks to the Starter Pack to help your store сope with the crisis.
    Free installation
    Get the Pack at a 22% discount
    The Magento 2 Getting Started pack costs $364 less than the included extensions separately.
    60-day money back
    Free installation
    60-day money back
    Free installation
    use FREEINSTALL coupon code at the checkout
    use FREEINSTALL coupon code at the checkout
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