Let Alexa sell
Discover new sales channel with 2.5X conversion rate
Sell to Alexa and Google Assistant audience
Suitable for any business type
Connect to Magento 2 in less than 1hr
What is a Voice Search
and how it helps sales
A voice search is any search query performed on and answered by, a voice assistant (such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri).

Voice assistants answer voice searches by directing the user to a pre-made answer, or when there is no ready-made answer, to the Internet.

For example, if you ask Siri to set an alarm clock, you trigger the dialogue using your voice. With Voicefront, it's possible to develop more complex branded answers and flows to allow users to search, purchase, reorder your products using only voice.
Voicefront is to voice shopping
what Magento
is to web shopping
Let customers browse and purchase from your store while talking to Alexa
using only voice
, from the moment they visit until they check out.
157 millions of Americans have
smart speakers at their home
41% of grown-up people and 55% of teenagers in the US use voice search
22% of users buy products via voice, which creates 30+ millions extra sales
So, how to get all these extra sales for your business?
Install the Voicefont plugin to connect Magento 2
to the Voicefront platform in less than 1hr
Launch on Alexa and Google Assistant
Start selling and getting recurring orders
Measure your ROI
Explore the new sales channel now
Get a FREE consultation on how Voicefront can bring voice search sales to your store
Launch your voice store to grow sales
Let users shop the way they like via any voice assistant
Voice stores use conversational AI. A voice store can be built using 'skills' for Alexa or 'actions' for Google Assistant. Skills or Actions for voice speakers are like apps for your smartphone.
Your clients can order any of your products by just using their voice. With Voicefront, shoppers can even reorder their last purchase by using a one-line command. The best part is that the checkout process takes less than 30 seconds.
51% of customers use voice search to learn more about products.
Let customers research and order using voice
Personalize conversations to maximize the ROI
In the Voicefront platform, you can build a fully customized store to give a unique shopping experience to the customers.

Choose a voice, edit messages, and product catalog to create a consistent brand voice. To personalize it further, you can add integrations, create flexible flows, deliver audio content, and more.

There are 15 different voices with different genders and accents to choose from. Each message conveyed by the skill is editable.

Make datа-driven decisions with the Voicefront analytics dashboard. Receive in-depth data on voice interactions such as the number of voice sessions, conversion rates, sales and revenue, average order value, etc.
Understand how customers use the voice shop.
Get in-depth analytics on shoppers behavior
There are multiple flows to select from and each has its own purpose. Create as many flows as you need: to deliver content and help during shopping. The results of each flow are measured separately to calculate ROI.
By choosing a flow, you choose the conversation that the customer will have with Alexa.
Create conversations tailored to buyers' needs
Grow loyal customer base with a voice feed

Users can subscribe to get content such as promotions, tips, recipes, etc. delivered to them by push notifications on their voice assistant. You can send personalized content to the subscribers to build relationships that increase LTV.

Code-free and seamless integration

Launch a voice-enabled shop for your business in no time. Install this Magento plugin to connect Voicefront with your store. Voicefront seamlessly integrates with your product catalog – everything goes without any additional development or technical experience.

See Voicefront in action
Click on the image to play a demo video
Grow sales with seamless voice store integration
Get a FREE consultation on how Voicefront can bring voice search sales to your store
How voice stores beat competitors in search results?
Leverage voice search algorithm to drive extra traffic and sales
Alexa often suggests a skill over the World Wide Web. When customers ask Alexa to find certain products, your store will be favored if it's adapted for voice search and has skills configured.

Apart from the voice activation, users can web-activate the store. Voicefront offers marketing activities in the console to enable customers to open the voice store with a link or a button. It may be a badge, speech bubble or icon on the website, a link in the newsletter or social media post, a QR code on packages, and more.
They already implemented Voicefront and are thriving
Download this guide to learn more about other stores' experience with voice search.
Learn about Voicefront in details
Voicefront offers you an online meeting at any time convenient for you in case:
- you have questions about specific settings;
- just want to see how the Voicefront works;
- curious how voice search can help your business attract new customers.
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