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There are 3 extensions in our Magento 2 checkout steps pack. They make more people complete the checkout and come back to the store. This way the store increases revenue and customer retention.
Increase store revenue & customer retention

Loss-Free Checkout Pack for Magento 2

Make customers complete the checkout
The pack helps not to lose customers because of slow store loading. The core is AJAX technology which helps to add products to cart with no reloads. This way the store will save the revenue during the crisis.
When customers add products to cart in the default Magento, the page reloads. If the internet connection is slow, it's almost unbearable to wait until each reload ends. Some customers lose their temper and close the store tab.
With the pack, a special pop-up opens where customers configure attributes. No reloads, everything works smoothly.
of customers slip to other sites because the "Shopping process was taking too long"
Make customers buy more at a time
The pack offers customers to buy more goods to receive a gift. Customers see the conditions, understand there's little left to receive a gift and buy more than they've planned. This way the store will receive additional money during the crisis.
For example, a customer wanted to buy a ring for $120. When exploring the store they saw a banner telling they will get a free pair of earrings when purchasing jewelry for $150. That's the motivation to buy a bit more.
In addition to the ring, a customer buys a necklace for $70. All in all, they spend $190 (they wanted to spend $120 in the beginning).
of customers buy more when there's a little more to buy to receive a gift
Make customers come back to your store
The pack helps to motivate users to come back to your store and buy again. It shows customers a thank you page.
Add motivation to buy again
Treat customers with a discount for their next purchases. When a customer wants to buy again, they recall receiving a discount and go straight to your store. There's no point in turning to competitors
Make customers feel relieved
Show customers order details right after the purchase to calm them down. It's convenient: a customer won't need to search for them throughout the account to cheсk whether everything is correct
Get customers' emails
Emails are a good possibility to warm people up and get the deal again.

As people already feel relieved and happy, they are more likely to share emails with the store. So, ask customers to sign up for your newsletter
Cross-sell and upsell products
That's a good chance to sell more and show customers what to spend the discount on in the future
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    The Magento checkout steps pack costs $227 less than the included extensions separately.
    6 months of free support
    60-day money back
    Free installation
    6 months of free support
    60-day money back
    Free installation
    use FREEINSTALL coupon code at the checkout
    use FREEINSTALL coupon code at the checkout
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