Your Magento Store
Trendy, responsive, customizable.
The Jet Theme brings both stable store performance and stunning visuals to your Magento 2 store.
Adapt to the latest design trends without spending a fortune on custom development

Provide customers with a smooth shopping experience on mobile and desktop

Forget about compatibility problems
and poor functionality

Customize theme design in no time
with Style Guide
Jet Theme
The Jet theme is tested with top Amasty modules for M2, e.g. Improved Layered Navigation, One Step Checkout, Elastic Search, and others.
See extended list →
For Magento 2
The live example of how
installed Jet Theme works on front
Learn what you will deal
with configuring the theme
All the Jet Theme features
and the guide to installation
Proven Code Quality
and Stability
The Jet Theme is created with Magento Coding Standards in mind. The theme supports all the basic Magento functionality in order to avoid any incompatibility problems.

We provide regular theme updates to be always on the same page with the current Magento version and prevent software conflicts.
Fabulous storefront with minimum efforts
Do you want to stand out from the competitors and make sure
clients remember your store? Leverage the latest design trends
with little to no development costs thanks to flexible
customization options.

The Jet Theme is an optimal solution for all business types that
operate on Magento 2 Community Edition.
Use a comprehensive Style Guide based on a StoryBook as a convenient toolkit for adjusting theme design. Just copy design components from the Guide (e.g. buttons, icons, etc.) to customize design on your store pages.
Adjust theme design with Style Guide
Launch a custom color scheme by choosing the color to your liking via color-picker or entering the color value. You can modify numerous elements, for example, adjust warning notifications or the borders color in hover state.
Manage store color scheme in a few clicks
Every detail in the right place
We carefully designed each detail of the Jet Theme. Following the best UI and UX practices, we created an intuitive storefront for e-commerce websites. Customers can easily navigate the shop thanks to the neat and accessible interface.

All product types are supported: simple, configurable, grouped, bundle, downloadable, virtual
Ready-made transactional mails templates (order mail, account registration, wishlist sharing, etc.)
Pre-built templates for all basic CMS pages (404 error, maintenance mode, cookies, etc.)
H1/H2 titles included for SEO-optimization
Customers can see order details by clicking on the order number
Customize Home Page via admin panel
Make your storefront appealing with Jet Theme
Compatibility with 50+ Amasty Top modules
Provide seamless project delivery, using mods
that are fully compatible with the Jet Theme.
with 50+ Amasty Top modules
Click here to see the list of fully compatible
Amasty Top 50+ modules →
— Advanced Permissions M2 - learn more
— Advanced Search M2 - learn more
— Admin Actions Log M2 - learn more
— AJAX Shopping Cart M2 - learn more
— Advanced Reports M2 - learn more
— Abandoned Cart Email M2 - learn more
— Automatic Related Products M2 - learn more
— Advanced Product Reviews M2 - learn more
— AMP for Magento 2 M2 - learn more
— Affiliate for Magento 2 M2 - learn more
— Blog Pro for Magento 2 M2 - learn more
— Custom Form M2 - learn more
— Color Swatches M2 - learn more
— Custom Product Tabs M2 - learn more
— Countdown Timer M2 - learn more
— Delivery Date M2 - learn more
— Extended Product Grid with Editor M2 - learn more
— Extended Order Grid M2 - learn more
— Elastic Search M2 - learn more
— Full Page Cache Warmer M2 - learn more
— Free Gift M2 - learn more
— Free Shipping Bar M2 - learn more
— Google Page Speed Optimizer M2 - learn more
— Gift Card M2 - learn more
— GDPR M2 - learn more
— Infinite Scroll M2 - learn more
— Improved Sorting M2 - learn more
— Improved Layered Navigation M2 - learn more
— Landing Pages M2 - learn more
— Mass Product Action M2 - learn more
— Mega Menu M2 - learn more
— Multiple Coupons M2 - learn more
— Out of Stock Notifications M2 - learn more
— One Step Checkout M2 - learn more
— Order Attributes M2 - learn more
— Pre Order M2 - learn more
— PDF Customizer M2 - learn more
— Product Labels M2 - learn more
— Product Option Templates M2 - learn more
— Payment Restrictions M2 - learn more
— Promo Banners M2 - learn more
— Reward Points M2 - learn more
— RMA M2 - learn more
— Request a Quote M2 - learn more
— SEO Toolkit M2 - learn more
— Social Login M2 - learn more
— Special Promotions Pro M2 - learn more
— Special Promotions M2 - learn more
— Shipping Table Rates M2 - learn more
— Shipping Restrictions M2 - learn more
— Shipping Rules M2 - learn more
— Store Puckup with Locator M2 - learn more
— Store Credit and Refund M2 - learn more
— Subscriptions and Recurring Payments M2 - learn more
— Stripe Payment M2 - learn more
— Visual Merchandiser M2 - learn more
Accessible store
Comply with A11Y standards

Provide the accessibility of digital store content to all people, regardless of disability type or severity of impairment.

All layouts of the Jet Theme are designed to comply with the A11Y standards. It saves developers' hours, as Amasty already made the required adjustments to the storefront.
Magento 2 Jet Theme
future development plans
Sticky header & footer styles, enrichment of styles and Magento 2 theme design settings

Custom responsive design for Magento Homepage, Product Page, Shopping Cart

Ability to create animation and various
visual effects

Compliance with the W3C standards

Compatibility with all Amasty Magento 2 extensions

Theme constructor for flexible tuning of the containers, blocks, and layouts

Theme templates, e.g. Apparel, Automotive, Furniture, etc.

More font options available
(standard web safe and custom)

Speed optimization improvements

Enterprise version of the extension

Buy Jet Theme now to enjoy further updates
at no additional costs
Future integration plans
Together with the Jet Theme you'll get
4 additional extensions
that are compatible with the theme:
Lite Layered Navigation - increase store conversion rate improving users' filtering experience
Product Tabs - drive customers to purchase faster providing additional information in tabs
Google Invisible ReCaptcha - protect your store from bots with Google reCAPTCHA v.2/v.3
Thank You Page - increase repeat sales with a converting Magento 2 order-success page
Any questions on our integration plans?
Have questions? Book a 30-min live demo
We offer you an online meeting at any time convenient for you in case:
    – you have questions about specific settings,
    – just want to see how the module works,
    – seek advice on the configurations from a dedicated support manager.
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