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There are 4 extensions in our Magento 2 page load speed pack. They help store pages load faster on both desktops and mobile devices. This way nothing will distract users from exploring the store and purchasing goods.
To retain users

Site Speed Pack for Magento 2

The pack makes store pages load faster
The pack improves web pages performance:
minifies HTML code,
All these actions help to get rid of the elements in the code that slow down pages loading. Users don't get irritated, stay at the store, and purchase goods.
seconds is the time in which your pages should load for users not to abandon them
merges and minifies JavaScript and CSS files to reduce the number of server requests,
enables flat catalog,
resizes your images to optimize them for the web,
enables lazy loading to show images by demand.
The pack preloads important pages for users
The pack caches store pages to make them load instantly.
If there are hundreds of pages on the site, the extension will form a queue: it will cache the most important pages first. All you have to do is set the priority.
When information on the site is updated, the extension will update the cache automatically. This way users will always get relevant information.
The pack helps users quickly find goods in search
The Improve Magento 2 Site Speed pack reduces the time to search for products in the catalog. Users will only need to enter the first letter of the request to find the desired product.
It will understand what the user needs, even if they enter a request with an error or writes a synonym.
For example if a user types "laptop" in the search, the mod will show the products that have the word "notebook" in the title.
Makes mobile pages load faster
The pack converts the store pages into AMP pages to make them load faster on mobile phones.
AMP is a simplified version of a web-page. It allows for only specific elements that don't decrease the site loading speed: special tags in HTML, inline CSS, and restricted JS.
AMP pages load up to 7 times faster than usual pages. It's useful, as people are likely to abandon pages that load more than 2 seconds.
times faster than usual pages
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    All our extensions are placed on the Magento marketplace. Magento developers automatically and manually check each our extension for plagiarism, meeting coding standards, compatibility and security.
    We will install the pack for you, check if everything works smoothly and fix all possible issues. Use FREEINSTALL coupon code at the checkout.
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    We've extended the support and money-back periods to help your store сope with the crisis.
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    The increase magento 2 site speed pack costs $273 less than the included extensions separately.
    6 months of free support
    60-day money back
    Free installation
    6 months of free support
    60-day money back
    Free installation
    use FREEINSTALL coupon code at the checkout
    use FREEINSTALL coupon code at the checkout
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